Facilities, Reservations, Rates, and Driving Directions

Welcome to a place that is ‘railfan friendly!’ This home was purchased with one objective in mind–the enjoyment of passing trains. Guests receive lodging and a Continental-style breakfast in a home built by a former employee of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad. He raised his family here while working as the P&LE Fallston, PA Stationmaster. The station survives as the nearby office of a specialty steel producer.


The Porch is easily our most popular gathering place. Located a mere 75 feet from the CSX Pittsburgh Sub, it provides a perfect 3/4 ‘look-down’ view of CSX mainline action. The most inexpensive point-and-shoot camera will produce ideal ‘roster shots’ from the Porch. Videographers love it, especially since our automatic floodlights illuminate passing CSX trains during the night. Slightly more sophisticated lenses may be required to photograph Norfolk Southern directly across the Beaver River, although wide panoramic shots are possible with even simple cameras. It’s an ideal place to photograph, log, or just watch trains. And our scanner radios and ATCS monitor keep you informed of approaching rail traffic.


Since The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is private property, you are by no means restricted to the Porch. Walk right down into our backyard and enjoy CSX mainline action ‘up close and personal.’ CSX crews have become accustomed to seeing railfans on our property, so a friendly wave and some whistle-blowing are easily obtained. Train speeds vary, as our double-track main becomes a single-track west of neighboring Beaver Falls. From time to time, CSX trains are even stopped in our backyard. But usually they’re moving–sometimes slowly as they ease westbound into the Beaver Falls interlocking–sometimes at track speed particularly as eastbound freights blast upgrade to the nearby Ohio River Bridge.


THE BREAKFAST BAR has become a very popular feature, affording a front row seat for all of the passing railroad action during inclement weather. On summer days, our complimentary Continental-style breakfast is usually enjoyed on the Porch. With the addition of our NEW WINDOWS and other upgrades, The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B has become a year-round vacation facility for people like us who love to watch and photograph trains.The Breakfast Bar is also ‘home’ to our ATCS Display, which allows guests to ‘see what the CSX Dispatcher sees’ in Baltimore. Maryland.   We can view the geographical positions of CSX trains between Youngstown (Center Street) and Pittsburgh. Combined with scanner radio information, guest photographers can be in position for approaching trains in plenty of time to capture excellent results. Norfolk Southern does not as yet use ATCS in our area.


YOUR GUEST ROOM The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B really is a private home and has only one Guest Room at this time. It is furnished with two ‘college twin’ platform beds. A portable bed is available for a third guest if needed. A comfortable chair for reading is provided, as well as a work table facing the window with a perfect view of the passing trains. The VIEW from your Guest Room is the same as that from the Porch and the Breakfast Bar. You look out directly at our two neighboring railroad mainlines. A Full Bath with tub and shower is located immediately adjacent to your Guest Room. There’s also plenty of closet space for luggage, cameras, notebooks, etc. Good reading light and a huge assortment of railroad magazines are always at hand.


The Common Room provides a relaxed setting for watching videos and is available for guest use during the evening hours.


Your host, W. Terry Stuart, is a lifetime railfan, model railroader, and railroad industry employee. Terry has both authored and provided photography for nearly fifty articles in various model railroad publications. His photographs of prototype railroad equipment and facilities appear in at least four books. He has studied the railroad industry for nearly four decades, specializing in operations of the PRR, Penn Central, and Conrail. Eventually an HO scale model railroad will take shape in the basement, depicting Conrail’s River Line from Midland, PA to Mingo Junction, OH.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: How to access The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B…from the East, via PA Tnpk. Exit 28: Take PA Rt. 19 North past Cranberry Mall (on left) to PA Rt. 228 West (Freedom Road). Turn left and follow the directions toward Conway. Watch for direction signs. You will eventually reach PA Rt. 65, where you will turn right (north). PA Rt. 65 is a major north/south access from our area to Pittsburgh. Conway Yard runs alongside Rt. 65 for four miles, and you will see part of Conway Yard on your left as you proceed northward. When you see the SECOND bridge over the Ohio River (on your left), be on the lookout for the junction of PA Rt. 51 North. Heads up! The exit ramp to Rt. 51 comes up quickly and almost without warning. Take PA Rt. 51 North (marked ‘Chippewa’), which will immediately put you on a bridge crossing the Beaver River. From this bridge you can see the Norfolk Southern bridge over the Beaver River which carries the mainline to Mingo Jct., as well as the CSX (ex-P&LE) Ohio River Bridge made famous by artist Howard Fogg. After crossing the Beaver River Rt. 51 turns northward. You’ll first pass a traffic light with a bank (Union Savings). The CSX Pittsburgh Sub mainline will be on the embankment on your left, but you’ll soon pass beneath it. At the second traffic light (Quik-Fill gas station on the left), make a right turn up the hill and continue on the road to a complicated intersection. Stay to the right and you’ll soon start downhill, past the Fallston Boro Hall and Fire Station. STOP for the STOP sign! The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is located on your RIGHT (CSX side) just a few houses beyond that STOP sign. You’ll see a very tall pine tree and a yellow house with a roofed Porch overlooking the Beaver River, the CSX mainline, and the Norfolk Southern mainlines. You may pull into the driveway to unload your vehicle. ...from the West, via PA Tnpk. Exit 13: Take PA Rt. 18 South through the City of Beaver Falls–a distance of about five miles. After you pass a large automobile dealership (Morrow Motors) you’ll cross a bridge over the Beaver River. Take note: this bridge is an EXCELLENT railfanning location. That’s the Norfolk Southern Ft. Wayne Line on the adjoining railroad bridge, with the CSX Pittsburgh Sub mainline under the north end of the highway bridge and the Norfolk Southern Youngstown Line under the south end. You’ll likely want to come back later, as there is a stairway unde the bridge which provides parking and easy access to the bridge sidewalk. After crossing the bridge into New Brighton, continue south on the main highway, which is soon joined by PA Rt. 65. You’re now in downtown New Brighton, and you’ll pass through several intersections with traffic lights. Note the NS is just behind the rows of stores on your right. Watch carefully for the Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe on your right. At that intersection TURN right down the hill, bear left, and continue to the underpass and a VERY sharp right turn under the railroad and onto a black bridge over the Beaver River. Just follow the road! After you STOP for the STOP sign, zig-zag through the CSX underpass. You’ll immediately start upgrade after you pass underneath the CSX mainline. The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is the second house on your LEFT. You’ll see a very tall pine tree and a yellow house with a roofed Porch overlooking the Beaver River, the CSX mainline, and the Norfolk Southern mainlines. Pull into the driveway to unload your vehicle. GUEST ROOM RATES (per night w/Breakfast):  $70.00 — One guest (tax included);  $80.00 — Two guests (tax included);  $90.00 — Three guests (1 portable bed, tax included).      We are required by law to charge a 6% Pennsylvania State Sales Tax. In addition, effective July 1, 2002, we are required by law to charge an additional 3% Beaver County, PA ‘Hotel Tax.’ No accommodations for pets. Checkout time: 12:Noon. Children, age 12 or older, welcome. RENTAL AND RESERVATION POLICY Room reservations may be forfeited if not claimed or reconfirmed before 6:00P.M. of the scheduled arrival day. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone if your plans change. The GOAL of The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is to provide comfortable lodging, a light Continental breakfast, and continuing train-watching. The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is not a ‘traditional’ B&B. It is not air conditioned and has no in-room television or telephones. It has no antiques, no farm animals, no Early American furnishings, no home-made bread or jam. There is no provision for pets. The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B may not meet the needs of ‘typical’ B&B travelers. NOTE: The interior of The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is designated a NO SMOKING AREA. Smoking is permitted outdoors and on the Porch. NOTICE TO GUESTS: The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is privately owned and the Innkeeper reserves the right to refuse service, and will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests or for the loss of money, valuables, or jewelery of any kind.