Guest Accommodations

The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is, for the most part, a quiet place.

… that is, until ONE or MORE Trains passes by.


That’s when the CAMERAS come out!


The PARADE of TRAINS seems almost endless at times.


Sometimes they’re across the Beaver River on Norfolk Southern’s Ft. WAYNE or YOUNGSTOWN LINE.  A longer lens proves helpful.


Occasionally TWO TRAINS pass by simultaneously.  And if you look directly above the lumber load, you’ll see A THIRD TRAIN passing on the Norfolk Southern MAINLINE directly across the Beaver River!


You’re looking for ‘Roster Shots?’  Get them right off our Porch!  Note that it has a ROOF.  Even inclement weather won’t keep you from adding to your photo library.


‘Up Close and Personal,’ you ask?  Sure thing!  Walk right down into our back yard.  CSX is right in front of you.  Just stay back a safe distance!  We’re BIG on SAFETY!  By visiting The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B, you need not be concerned about trespassing on railroad or industrial property.  We’re PRIVATE PROPERTY.  And THE ONLY SUCH PROPERTY in this entire area offering a COMBINED VIEW of TWO MAJOR MAINLINE RAILROADS [NS & CSX].


Let’s go inside!  YOUR GUEST BEDROOM features TWO ‘College Twin’ beds [along with a third ‘portable’ bed should you be arriving in a Party of 3].  Plenty of railfan/model railroading reading material is close at hand in the bookcase just out of camera range.  And that WINDOW looks directly out on THE SAME VIEW as our Porch!. You won’t miss any trains at night, especially on CSX.  Did you notice those floodlights in the photos above?  They are illuminated by passing CSX trains after dark.  And don’t be concerned about ‘whistles in the night.’  The nearest grade crossings on both railroads are nearly a mile away.

102216-ff-guest-bathroomAnd an adjoining PRIVATE, FULL BATH is YOURS for the balance of your stay.


Your Innkeeper is an ardent PENNSY, PENN CENTRAL, and CONRAIL fan, as well as a model railroader.  This is only one small part of an extensive collection of prototype and model railroad reference materials.  That glass-top table at the bottom of the photo, BTW, is an alternate breakfast area should the weather on the Porch be a bit too unpleasant.


So COME and ENJOY Our Trains!