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WELCOME to Pennsylvania’s Premier Railfanning Location!

The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is ideally located near every major Interstate and Turnpike route in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area. We’re only 25 miles from Pittsburgh, 10 miles from the PA Turnpike, 15 miles from I-79, and 5 miles from I-376.  But even more important… the CSX Pittsburgh Sub MAINLINE is a mere 75 feet from our Porch… at the foot of our backyard. And Norfolk Southern’s Ft. Wayne and Youngstown Line MAINLINES are FULLY VISIBLE from our Porch directly across the neighboring Beaver River. We’re the ONLY railfan B&B offering TWO MAINLINE RAILROADS with SIX MAINLINE TRACKS that you can view and photograph without ever leaving the property. We see upwards of 75-80 trains every 24 hours. Our automatic floodlighting even illuminates CSX trains during the night. And our ATCS system allows you to see where the CSX trains are as they approach our location.

62 Beaver Street Fallston, PA 15066 (724) 843-7023

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A true Railfan Bed & Breakfast in a private home built by a former P&LE station agent, and purchased by a railfan/modeler and railroad industry employee–offering a trackside view of both the CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines 25 miles NW of Pittsburgh, PA.

Come to a place where upwards of 100 trains pass each day… many of them a mere 75 feet from our [roofed] Porch on the [ex-P&LE] CSX Pittsburgh Sub mainline. Watch mixed freights, coal trains, intermodals, the CSX ‘Coke Express,’ auto industry traffic and other rolling stock behind Norfolk Southern, CSX, foreign, and leased diesel power. CSX averages approximately 40 trains every 24 hours. The variety is endless with surprises an almost daily event. Norfolk Southern provides nearly 50 trains each day, including its RoadRailer and Amtrak. NOTE: The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B caters exclusively to RAILFAN GUESTS. Restaurants and retail stores of all types are located within easy driving distance, as is the Beaver Valley Mall. Numerous non-railfan tourist attractions are likewise within easy access.
VIEW FROM THE PORCH: It is not uncommon to see two [or more] trains passing The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B simultaneously! So busy are the CSX and Norfolk Southern mainlines that a nearly-constant parade of rail traffic is available for many hours each day. You can photograph and/or videotape from our Porch, from our back yard, or from any number of nearby locations. Or take time to explore Beaver Valley and Pittsburgh area railfan locations using The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B for breakfast and as economical, railfan-friendly lodging


HIGHLIGHTS…… More than ONE HUNDRED TRAINS pass The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B on Norfolk Southern and CSX Every 24 Hours!

… 24-Hour Scanner Radio Monitoring throughout our facility, including your Guest Bedroom (individual volume controls for your comfort)

… Automatic Night Floodlight Illumination of passing CSX trains… Watch trains all night long… from our Porch… or from your Guest Bedroom. Plenty of light is available for videotaping.

… Our ATCS system allows you to see exactly what the CSX Pittsburgh Sub dispatcher sees. Watch trains moving through the area, and be ready to photograph them as they approach… either from our property… or at a variety of superb photographic locations within easy driving distance.

… Railfan the former Ohio Central, the Wheeling & Lake Erie, the Bessemer & Lake Erie, the Union Railroad, and other short lines and industrial operations… all within easy driving distance.

… Guided Tours of area railfan sites and photographic opportunites are available to guests of The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B, or use our railfan information and explore on your own.

… Wireless High Speed Internet Service is available Free of Charge for your Laptop Computer.

CSX diesels are almost all now painted in the ‘Dark Future’ scheme, but plenty of other colors are still passing our location. The variety is unlimited, including a daily parade of leased and run-through power. CSX still operates several coal trains utilizing both ‘system’ hoppers and unit train equipment, its ‘Coke Express,’ intermodals, automobile industry traffic, and countless mixed freights. Unusual rolling stock is almost a daily occurrence, and perfect ‘roster shots’ can be obtained shooting from our Porch! Norfolk Southern traffic includes numerous ‘van trains,’ many of them double-stacks, as well as some coal traffic, and dozens of mixed freights.

The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B is located in Fallston, PA, directly across the Beaver River from New Brighton, PA, between PA Rts. 18 and 51. We are 20 minutes from PA Turnpike Exit 13 and 30 minutes from PA Turnpike Exit 28, ten minutes from I-376, and 35 minutes from Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. We are approximately 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, and only 10 minutes from Norfolk Southern’s Conway Yard. The double-track CSX (ex-P&LE) mainline (that giant tank car in above photo) is our immediate neighbor at the foot of our backyard, a mere 75 feet from our roofed Porch. Directly across the adjacent Beaver River are Norfolk Southern’s (ex-Conrail) Ft. Wayne Line and Youngstown Lines–a four track mainline with the Ft. Wayne Line (leading to Alliance, Cleveland and Toledo, OH, and Elkhart, IN) occupying the outside two tracks, and the Youngstown Line (leading to Youngstown and Ashtabula, OH, and connecting to Buffalo, NY) occupying the inside two tracks. Only the NS (ex-Conrail) Cleveland Line is located elsewhere (approximately two miles away in adjoining Bridgewater, PA). All other Norfolk Southern (ex-Conrail) rail traffic west of Conway Yard passes The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B, as does all CSX mainline traffic. We are 25 minutes from the CSX yard in New Castle, PA. Rail activity through Fallston is nearly continuous, including overnight. Photo opportunities are unlimited, with much ‘foreign’ and leased power on CSX, and two Amtrak passenger trains on the Norfolk Southern.

62 Beaver Street
Fallston, PA 15066

Information and Reservations: (724) 843-7023
Call or write for our complimentary INFORMATION PACKET!

Address:  Ask to be included on the MAILING LIST for our e-mail NEWSLETTER!  It contains both prototype and model railroad information, as well as UPDATES on what’s happening in the prototype railroad industry.  This website and all content copyright 2016 by W. Terry Stuart and The FALLSTON FLAGSTOP Railfan B&B.


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